Privacy Policy

Better Grass understands the importance of protecting your privacy. This statement outlines the procedures by which Better Grass protects your personal information.

1. Collection

Better Grass will only collect personal information necessary for providing the services offered on our website, being the collection of contact details following an online enquiry. We will ensure your personal information is collected by lawful and fair means and by your express consent.

Our online enquiry feature collects details including your name, contact details and email address so that we may contact you to answer your enquiry. This information is essential for us to be able to fulfill your request and respond to your inquiry.

Such information collected will be held in the strictest confidence.

2. Use and Disclosure

Personal information we collect will only be used for the purposes identified in our website, that is, to respond to your enquiries regarding Better Grass.

3. Security

Better Grass will take all reasonable precautions to protect your personal information, whether it is stored in hard copy or electronic form from unauthorised disclosure. All information that Better Grass no longer requires will be destroyed to ensure continued protection of your information